“Georgia Adds 1 Million Residents, Keeps 14 House Seats After 2020 Census,” GPB News

In an article published by GPB News on April 26, Bryan Tyson provides insight into the 2020 Census results. According to the results, Georgia’s population soared over the last decade, growing by more than 10% to 10,711,908 people.

The top-level apportionment data also confirms the state will keep its 14 seats in the U.S. House, while six states will gain seats and seven states will lose seats.

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“UGA Names Alumni Award Winners,” WGAU

An article published by WGAU on February 9, 2021, highlights recipients of the The University of Georgia Alumni Association’s 2021 Alumni Awards, an annual program dating back to 1936 that recognizes individuals and organizations who demonstrate a commitment to the university.

The Paris Family, including Trey Paris, Managing Director of Taylor English Decisions Government Affairs Practice, will be recognized with the 2021 Family of the Year Award. The Family of the Year Award is presented to a family that continually demonstrates loyalty to UGA.

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“Pandemic Forces Georgia Counties To Get Creative With Polling Places,” WABE

In an article published on November 2, 2020 in WABE, Bryan Tyson provides insight on the ways counties are getting creative on election day in regards to polling locations.

“Finding facilities has gotten more challenging,” said Tyson. “It’s been great work by county officials to do their best in a time where a lot of people don’t want hundreds of unknown individuals coming into their facility on Election Day.”

Tyson explains that the use of schools as polling places was beginning to fall out of favor even before COVID-19. “Concerns about school security and having lots of people who would not otherwise be at a school on a particular day, has led to a lot of school districts saying we’d rather not have public schools used as voting facilities,” said Tyson.

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“Here Are Some of the Legal Scenarios That Could Play Out With This Year’s Election,” WSB-TV

In an interview with WSB-TV on October 20, Bryan Tyson discusses some of the legal scenarios that could play out with this year’s election. 

When it comes to voting in Georgia, Tyson explains that is critical for all precincts to stay open for all full twelve hours that they are supposed to be open. “So if a precinct opens late or if something happens during the day where voters are unable to vote, a judge can enter an order extending polling hours keeping that precinct open late,” said Tyson.

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“The New COVID-19 Normal,” American City & County

In an article published by American City & County on October 7, 2020, Rob Hosack provides insight on the many complicated issues local governments may face as they transition into the post COVID-19 era.

Using Cobb County as an example, Hosack identifies number of challenges that are likely facing all counties throughout the United States involving policy issues, governmental/staff operational issues and unique community issues, such as:

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“Judge Denies Petition to Remove Stonecrest Councilwoman Over Absences,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

An article published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on September 30, 2020, discusses a judge’s ruling in favor of a Stonecrest councilwoman after a citizen-led lawsuit tried to remove her from office for missing two council meetings. The councilwoman was represented by Bryan P. Tyson and Diane F. LaRoss.

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“Experts Discuss Ga.’s Voting System In Election Machine Trial,” Law360

An article published by Law360 on September 10, 2020 discusses an evidentiary hearing before U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg regarding Georgia’s voting system and an attempt by plaintiffs to have the state replace its electronic ballot marking devices with hand-marked paper ballots.

Bryan P. Tyson, who represents the state, called the litigation an “attempt to undermine the public confidence in, and the legitimacy of, the state’s elections.”

The state is represented by Taylor English attorneys, Bryan P. Tyson, Bryan F. Jacoutot, Diane F. LaRoss and Loree Anne Paradise.

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Republicans Keep Top Billing on Georgia Ballots, Judge Rules, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

An article published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on August 17, 2020, discusses the dismissal of a federal a federal judge’s ruling allowing Republican candidates, to continue to be listed ahead of Democrats on Georgia ballots. This decision was a win Bryan Jacoutot, Diane LaRoss, Loree Anne Paradise, and Bryan Tyson’s client.

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Surge In Absentee Ballot Applications Means Counties Must Verify Thousands of Signatures, WABE

In an article and radio segment featured on April 29, 2020 on WABE, Bryan Tyson provides insight on the ways the State of Georgia is handling the recent surge of absentee ballots ahead of the June 9 Primary election.

As of April 28, nearly 900,000 of the state’s voters requested absentee ballots. Traditionally, only 5% of Georgia voters cast ballots by mail, but that percentage is likely to rise significantly for this year’s primaries amid the COVID-19 pandemic. So how closely are counties examining how people sign their names?

“Most of the time for local officials, it’s just looking to see: does this look like the same person or not? And most election officials are not rejecting signatures if they’re close,” said Tyson.

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