Economic Development & Local Government Services

One of the primary goals of the economic development and local government services practice is to help facilitate investment into the state and assist local governments with preparing for it. We aide in navigating regional economic ecosystems that can be fragmented and disjointed. There are numerous private and public entities (most already within our current network) that exist to enhance economic development, but are under-utilized or difficult to access by those who could most benefit. We apply our expertise to provide strategic direction and connect the dots for Georgia communities and the companies that employ their residents.

Foreign Direct Investment

One of our specific areas of expertise revolves around attracting foreign direct investment to the state. For example, we founded and coordinate the Georgia-Japan Legislative Caucus, which has become a vehicle for legislative engagement in supporting and enhancing the large Japanese economic presence in the state. This is a model that we will be replicating with other counties and regions.

Local Government Support

The economic development and local government services practice also emphasizes bringing practical, real-world executable strategies to help municipalities, counties, and regional planning authorities achieve economic growth. This is done by utilizing the deep and varied experience of our practitioners to create effective strategies, our close integration with the Decisions government strategies practice, and the legal skills of our affiliate Taylor English. Specifically, we provide services related to:

  • Bond Issuance-Property Purchase
  • CDBG-Grant Writing and Funding Initiatives
  • Community Improvement District Formation and Management
  • Master Planning
  • Ordinance Development
  • Organizational Review and Analysis
  • Plan Review
  • Planning and Zoning Assistance
  • Public Private Partnerships (P3)

Private Sector Initiatives

We utilize the relationships we have throughout federal, state and local governments, to enhance the economic development efforts of the private sector. When a company is relocating to a new a market, building a new facility, or growing its current infrastructure, we can assist with:

  • Due Diligence
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Entitlement Assistance
  • Enforcement Solutions / Regulatory Assistance
  • Expert Witness