Employee Benefit Solutions
Break Through the Cube of Chaos

Healthcare costs have roughly doubled in the last 10 years; employee benefits account for 18 percent of payroll; and providers and vendors have consolidated at a rapid rate. These factors coupled with an employee benefits landscape that is filled with ambiguity and lack of transparency causes employers to find themselves in a situation where having a positive effect on financial outcomes and employee experiences are limited. Reality feels like a cube of chaos.

Our goal is to help employers break through this cube of chaos by providing a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the employee benefit offering and landscape.

How Do We Do This?

We provide transparency into the insurance carrier, channel partners and broker systems via access to unique data and resources. We elevate the current employee benefits team capacity and provide lift as employee benefits is just one of their many responsibilities. And most importantly, as a value-based consulting practice that stands behind our work, we create opportunities for long-term initiatives and goals rather than short-term gains.

Employee Benefits Roadmap

Our customized, business ready roadmap establishes corporate advocacy and advances the corporate vision. As we work with your employee benefits team, we create transparency and facilitate knowledge transfer believing that these elements will enhance the product offering available to an employer, while mitigating cost.

Our roadmap is customized to each employer and based on the corporate vision and culture of that company, thus creating the opportunity for us to:

  • Collaborate with company leaders to ensure the benefit component aligns with the corporate vision.
  • Advise and integrate the deployment of corporate resources to influence financial outcomes and achieve operational excellence.
  • Offer recommendations via a “blitz analysis” to ensure best practices and deliverables are engaged and aligned with company culture.
  • Identify actionable items to mitigate cost and improve organizational strength.

By the end of the project, our clients have an employee benefits vision that addresses: costs, ROI, product life-cycles, market intelligence, and transparency.

What Makes Us Different?

We are a consulting firm that provides unique access to data, resources and transparency into the insurance carrier and broker system. This transparency leads to a deeper and more comprehensive understanding on the employee benefit offering and landscape. What we are not is your insurance broker, but rather an option that can enhance your relationships and service offerings provided by your current channel partners.

Additionally, as part of t|e decisions, we have the capability to team with:

  • The government affairs group of t|e decisions that has the capacity to assist with the current and upcoming regulatory and legislative environment.
  • The organizational and leadership development group of t|e decisions with the capacity to design cultural solutions.
  • Our affiliate firm Taylor English Duma LLP that provides legal counsel when needed

Meet Our Practice Leader

Todd Slinker is a Director for Taylor English Decisions and manages the Benefits Consulting practice. As a former national insurance carrier professional, and more recently a principal for the 10th largest privately owned Commercial Retail insurance broker firm, he has a deep understanding of the cross-functional internal and external teams responsible for delivery and management of corporate employee benefit offerings. With his and his t|e decisions colleagues’ experience, traditional employee benefit boundaries can be broken.