“Georgia Adds 1 Million Residents, Keeps 14 House Seats After 2020 Census,” GPB News

In an article published by GPB News on April 26, Bryan Tyson provides insight into the 2020 Census results. According to the results, Georgia’s population soared over the last decade, growing by more than 10% to 10,711,908 people.

The top-level apportionment data also confirms the state will keep its 14 seats in the U.S. House, while six states will gain seats and seven states will lose seats.

Tyson explained that rural parts of the state that have not kept up with Georgia’s population growth are destined to see fewer districts while parts of metro Atlanta might add some.

“It’s like squeezing a balloon — you squeeze on one side, it’s going to pop out the other side,” said Tyson, adding that, “If there’s a lower population in one part of the state, it’s going to have to grow north, which means Atlanta is going to continue to pull districts towards it.”

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