Surge In Absentee Ballot Applications Means Counties Must Verify Thousands of Signatures, WABE

In an article and radio segment featured on April 29, 2020 on WABE, Bryan Tyson provides insight on the ways the State of Georgia is handling the recent surge of absentee ballots ahead of the June 9 Primary election.

As of April 28, nearly 900,000 of the state’s voters requested absentee ballots. Traditionally, only 5% of Georgia voters cast ballots by mail, but that percentage is likely to rise significantly for this year’s primaries amid the COVID-19 pandemic. So how closely are counties examining how people sign their names?

“Most of the time for local officials, it’s just looking to see: does this look like the same person or not? And most election officials are not rejecting signatures if they’re close,” said Tyson.

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